Pere David’s

Also known as the milu is a species of deer that went extinct in their native country of China and reintroduced and have flourished in Texas. They prefers wetland habitats., weigh: Buck’s 400-500 lbs and Doe’s 350-400 lbs. are unique in that the long tines point backward, while the main beam extends almost directly upward. There may be two pairs per year. The summer antlers are the larger set, and are dropped in November, after the summer rut. The second set—if they appear—are fully grown by January, and fall off a few weeks later. They can be hunted year around but for trophy bucks the best time is between May and November. The meat is excellent and comparable to red deer and elk.

Hunt Pricing

Ranch daily fee(includes lodging and kichen, transporting on ranch, walk in cooler and access to rifle/bow blinds and feeders) $150 Per hunter per day
$50 Per non hunting guest per day
Guide Fee(required on trophy hunts) $150 Per hunter per day
Optional Meals $65 Meals and snacks per day per person (alcoholic beverages not included)
Pere David’s bull $4,500 high fence only
Pere David’s cow $2,200 high fence only

Ready to book your hunt?

Ready to book your hunt?

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