“First class operation. Gerald and Tim are awesome folks. We went on a Red Stag and Meat Hunt. Harvested a 6×6 Red Stag, Sika Hind, and Axis Doe as well as a Trophy wild boar. I was there on my Birthday which was in August but the weather was perfect in the mornings and hot in the afternoons. Never fear, we had a dip in the homemade pool and a nice cool gallon of homemade ice-cream. The food was tremendous consisting of buffalo medallions cooked to perfection on the pellet grill and egg noodles topped with brown gravy that was totally delicious. The accommodation’s were perfect and the lodge was absolutely mind blowing with all the mounts displayed on the walls. Our hunt was the hunt of a life-time. Also Rough Country Taxidermy and Processing opened up on their day off to take care of our harvested animals. When you deal with great people, you get great results. Perfect hunt. WE WILL BE BACK!!!!!!!!!”
– Thad Hebbe

“I have been hunting in Texas on private land and at hunting ranches since I was a kid so this wasn’t my first rodeo, but this was the most fun I have had hunting since I was a kid. Tim was my guide but it was more like he has been my best friend for decades. We hit it off immediately and he knew what I wanted out of my time there. I like to hunt aggressively so I don’t mind stalking all day or sitting in a stand. Tim accommodated this and it led me to harvest a nice free range Axis buck coming out of velvet on a spot and stalk. A spot and stalk hunt is like a nonstop adrenaline rush and being able to do that on an Axis deer hunt was a absolutely outstanding hunting experience and I feel blessed that I was able to get it done with Tim’s guidance. That aside, I had a great time doing some spotting at night for predators/varmints and also getting to watch some of the more exotic high fence game that you will NOT see at most other ranches. I have never seen a Waterbuck, Blue Wildebeest or Pere David deer before I came here to hunt so if you are looking for some of those hard to find exotics at extremely reasonable prices, this is the ranch for you. I will tell you what though, when a Wildebeest steps out near you, you may just forget about whatever you were looking to hunt because I had to make that hard decision to pass on it. After hunting at a lot of different ranches, I know that this is the only one I am coming back to. You just can’t find the authenticity, integrity and camaraderie that I experienced here in everyday life anymore and it is worth every single cent to be able to come out to FF for a few days to hunt and hang out with some good people.” – Shawn Gross

“FF Hunting is World Class. The Game,The lodging,The food,Evening around campfire,And Best of the Staff’s Skill at guiding you to a World Class Trophy for The Wall.Gerald,Anthony, Tim are World Class at Helping Get The most and the best Hunt. I came Home With A Red Stag That Hangs on my Wall and Reminds me every day of the World Class Hunt That I experienced The FF Ranch!” – Terry L. Wolfe

“I had never been hunting before and saw FF Hunting Ranch on another hunting website. After researching here and multiple other ranches for hunting Axis, the reviews really stood out to me. They were extremely accommodating, especially since I was a first-time hunter. I was able to bring my girlfriend who had a great time as well. Tim was an incredible guide and it was evident that he and Anthony wanted both me and my girlfriend to have an awesome experience – which we absolutely did. I look forward to my next hunt at FF.” – Tristan Maher

This is a great destination . Family run operation that make you feel at home when you arrive. Great choice of game animals. Gerald and Anthony are great outfitters that become your friends . – Dave

“I’m writing this while snacking on jerky made from the first deer I ever shot, thanks to Tim and Anthony at the FF Ranch. I certainly can’t complain about the italian sausage from the first pig I shot that my family had for dinner last night, or the axis hot dogs we had for lunch. Suffice it to say my freezer has a lot less room in it now!

Tim spent the whole weekend showing and telling me about all kinds of animals I had never even heard of before, while doing everything he could to get me quality opportunities day and night. As a novice hunter, I really appreciated the benefit of his experience and guidance. His passion and enthusiasm for hunting are reflected in the quality of his work.

Hearing the axis bucks roaring in person was wild. I’m looking forward to seeing how the hide comes back from the tannery. I just wish I’d gotten something before dinner so I had a good story to tell around the campfire–maybe next time!”
– Eric

I’ve never been to a game Ranch and I’ve never been on a guided hunt. Tim was my guide and he is probably the best son of a buck in the game. Everything at Gerald and Anthony’s Ranch is top notch. If you’re looking to shoot a big axis or some wild game give Anthony or Gerald a call and they will definitely take care of you. The Double FF Ranch is 100% the way to go. You will not be disappointed. I definitely cannot wait to go back with a group of friends and get on some big game!” – Eric P.

The ranch and accommodations were very nice and comfortable. Tim, our guide, was very friendly and he went above and beyond to make sure we had a great time. We were always well fed and he made sure we saw plenty of game. He also made sure we got exactly what we wanted. I highly recommend a hunt here. – Blake

Very comfortable setting. Took my son here for his first Texas buck. We were treated great the entire time. Everyone was very friendly. We had plenty of options for hunting. Accommodations were clean and comfortable. I would highly recommend this hunt. – Jerimiah

One of the best birthdays I’ve had. After a day of hunting… we sat every night around a campfire laughing, telling stories and having a blast!! – Brad

Amazing game, comfortable lodging and expert, fun guides! Beautiful property! Facilities are top notch – comfortable and knowledgeable owners and guides. – Scott

The Faldyn brothers are both very experienced hunters, so they connect with their hunters and understand their clients,almost immediately
– Rick

Everything about the hunt was perfect – the people, the food, the rooms, the animals – all outstanding – Johnny

The staff were very accommodating with what we wanted to hunt and made changes so we could be successful. They go over and above to meet your needs!!!! – Tim

After 2 years of unsuccessful whitetail hunting on Long Island, I decided to invest in a guided hunt around the same time I was going to be in Texas. The place has turned me into a spoiled hunter who needs to remember that not all his hunts can be as worthwhile as this one.

Anthony and Gerald do a fantastic job making sure that you have the highest chance possible for success. All of the stress and anxiety that a new hunter may feel when planning a hunt was relieved and the only thing I had to focus on was making my shots count.

Hanging out with Gerald for a weekend was an awesome experience. During the hunt, Gerald was comfortable with answering questions, imparting valuable knowledge, and lead me to harvest 2 Axis doe in 3 days. During the downtime, we swapped stories, had some fun discussions, and he prepared me some of the best meals I’ve ever eaten.

All in all, this is a fantastic operation. Anthony and Gerald have quality land, quality game, and care about their guests succeeding and having a rewarding experience. – Nicholas

“For my first hunt ever, I couldn’t have asked for a better experience! Tim really went out of his way to show me the ropes, and make sure I got my first deer. Anthony, Gerald, and Tim were all very friendly, and made sure my group was always well-fed, and having a great time. I honestly can’t praise FF ranch enough. Needless to say, I’ll be back again to take another axis soon!”
– Michael Flood

“When it comes to quality animals with top notch guides and a true hunting experience for trophy animals you need look no further than Sonora Texas at double F hunting ranch this place was truly an amazing trip this past weekend not only do they go above and beyond to put you on the best quality animals the fellowship with these guys in itself was a blast! Can’t wait to my next trip thank y’all for an amazing experience I’ll be bringing home me a trophy Axis buck on this next go round” – Jason T.

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