Whitetail Deer Sales

The Double FF Ranch has implemented a scientific whitetail breeding operation to improve the genetics of whitetail deer sales offered for hunting on the FF Ranch as well as to offer for sale bred Doe’s and stocker buck’s for ranches looking to improve their whitetail deer herd.  The Albino gene is carried in one of the breeder bucks genetics and have produced several Albino offspring.

The Double FF breeding bucks, A-train and G-Man, were born on the ranch from Doe’s purchased from the Matador Ranch from the genetics of Sullivan ranch bucks such as Big Jim and Renegade.  For more information on pricing and availability please CONTACT US.

FF Ranch whitetail trophy hunts

Mgmt bucks $1250
140 B&C $2550
141 to 150 B&C $3500
151 to 160 B&C $4500
161 to 170 B&C $5500
171 to 180 B&C $7000
181 to 190 B&C $8500
191 B&C $8500 + $200 per inch

Ready to book your hunt?

Ready to book your hunt?

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