The Double FF Ranch located in Sutton County south east of Sonora, Texas was established in 2005. The ranch has available a variety of free ranging game including White-tail deer, Axis deer, Black Buck antelope, wild hogs and Rio Grande turkey. Hunting for super trophy animals is available in portions of the ranch under high fence including trophy white tail deer and exotics such as Axis, Fallow, Blackbuck, Red stag, Ram (Aoudad, Corsican, Black Hawaiian, Barbados), Scimitar Horned Oryx, Gemsbok, Sika deer, wild boar and Others. There is significant game across both the low and high fence areas of the ranch providing excellent opportunities for every hunter.

Exotics have no restricted season in Texas so they can be hunted year around. White-tail deer hunts are available for bow, muzzle loader and rifle hunters as part of the Ranch MLDP program starting on October 1st and running through the end of February. Turkey can be hunted as part of the fall and spring season. Go to Sutton County under North Texas for Hunting Seasons and bag limits at the Texas Parks and Wildlife website.

To enhance the white tail genetics the ranch has implemented a scientific breeder program and has introduced Matador Ranch Doe and Buck genetics to enhance the trophy class white tail herd.  Currently breeder bucks scoring over 300 BC have been FF born and raised producing offspring available for trophy hunts starting in 2013.  Sale of bred doe, stocker bucks and siemen are also available.

Hunts are guided for all trophy class animals, and management white-tail, and may be semi-guided and un-guided for white-tail doe and management exotics and Turkey hunts. The Double FF Ranch offers a hunters cabin which includes a kitchen, laundry and bath room and bunks for 4-6 hunters. Additional studio style rooms are available for couples. A satellite TV is available for those interested in catching their favorite TV show or sports event. A BBQ pit and fire pit provide for those after hunt cook outs and post hunt stories. Some cellular phones work, and, a ranch phone is available if needed.